Accountants for Lawyers & Legal Professionals

Dedicated Accounting 
Assistance for Lawyers

When you are a lawyer, deadlines, client demands, long working hours, and billing pressures, along with changing laws, play havoc with your life. The best course of action is hiring an accountant having ample experience to meet your distinctive accounting needs. We assist you so that you can focus more on your legal practice. Our team of experienced accountants offers dedicated accounting assistance for lawyers across the UK.

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Accounting for Solicitors 
To Unburden Them From Unnecessary Stress

Accountants at CoreAdviz look after the task of legal bookkeeping, tax planning, financial forecasting, capturing expenses, and more. In short, we want you to focus on the work that you do!

Comprehensive Legal Accounting Support

CoreAdviz understands that time is the most valuable resource for law professionals, and sometimes they find it challenging to manage their finances and accounts without compromising their work commitments. At Coreadviz, we have the best accountants for law firms, lawyers, and others engaged in the legal profession. We fully know that accounting for lawyers is a specialized area that demands a certain level of expertise to do all kinds of compliance work, and comprehensive legal accounting support can indeed boost the overall efficiency.

Yes, they need accountants to get a helping hand in managing their revenues and to ensure that their financial transactions are well-handled in compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

Lawyers in the UK mostly use cash accounting. In cash accounting, income remains unrecognized until the payment is received in cash.

Yes, Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) regulates all solicitors and law firms in England and Wales.

accountants for self-employed

We do the digits you live your Lifestyle

Accounting for eCommerce package starts at £45 per month 

Our Support

We are a reputed accounting agency for lawyers and offer you desirable guidance right from the start to assure you tailor-made accounting solutions in compliance with the SRA account rules. Our support services include the following ones:


We offer proactive advice on tax planning, wealth management, bookkeeping, financial analysis, business structure, and much more to aid in achieving long-term financial goals.

Accounting Advice for Lawyers
Digital Data Storage


Whether it is about automating bookkeeping or storing your financial data over a server, we do it all to reduce your manual effort.

Keep your tax records handy

Tax invoices and receipts of the last 5 years are required to be preserved. In case the HMRC wants to verify data, they will ask for previous receipts.

Calculate Tax Liability


Discover personalized investment strategies to maximize your financial potential with guidance from our expert accountants. With an emphasis on long-term growth, we dedicatedly work so that you can achieve your financial objectives confidently.