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Are you a restaurant owner tired of tracking your cash flow? If yes, you may have already started your search for restaurant accountants near me on Google. As a restaurant owner, you may have to continually experience challenges such as rising costs of food ingredients and operational costs. Also, it becomes tough to keep your restaurant business alive during the low season. In such a scenario, you don’t have to look anywhere because our experienced accountants can really help you!

At CoreAdviz, we have a team of experienced accountants who understand the nuances of restaurant accounting and tailor their services accordingly. Our accountants do not limit their services to tracking Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS), labour costs or operational expenses. They also expand it to analyzing cost-to-sales ratio and safeguarding your overall profits. We ensure that our accountant software is seamlessly integrated with your POS system to facilitate an easy collection of your financial data. This helps us to offer you a reliable restaurant accounting solution.

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Tailor-Made Accounting for 

We know the needs of your restaurant can be a little different from others. So, we offer tailor-made services, and for being in the industry for a long time, we know the significance of the right tools. Hence we rely on some of the best accounting system for restaurants, such as QuickBook, FreeAgent, and Xero. It does not matter whether you run a large restaurant or a small cafe. CoreAdviz accountants are always committed to help you with their knowledge and expertise.

Tax Tips
Tax Advise for Restaurants

Accountants at CoreAdviz are fully aware that as a restaurant owner or manager, you not only regularly deal with some demanding customers but also experience the regulations of the local authorities. On top of these all, you are required to figure out your tax responsibilities and National Insurance liabilities, which can be extremely taxing! With our years of experience in accounting for small restaurant business, we are skilful in tax planning.


Moreover, we love to keep you informed about the various ways that can enable you to minimize your tax liabilities, such as allowable deductions or employee benefits. We also help with your tax returns. We can arrange a VAT number or company number if required. Believe us! Our tax advice will help you maximize your savings and run your restaurant business without any stress.

Restaurants need bookkeeping as they often have extremely tight profit margins. Moreover, accurate bookkeeping helps them to manage their cash flow and plan any investment accordingly.

Restaurants record their sales every day. This also helps them to understand how much money gets deposited via cash and credit cards. For the same reason, most of the restaurants accept credit cards.

Although accrual accounting seems best, most UK restaurants prefer cash-based accounting. In such an accounting, income and expenses are recorded only when cash payments are received or disbursed.

The tax amount that restaurants must pay in the UK is based on their profits and other taxable income within a tax year. The different tax rates for restaurants are 20%, 40%, and 45% based on these criteria.

Despite having low-profit margins, restaurants are highly profitable in the UK. Some of the top branded restaurants in the UK have already experienced sales worth £3 billion in 2022.

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Our Guidance on the “To do list”

As accounting consultants for a restaurant business, we would suggest you with the following

Standard accounting procedure

The inflow of funds can be recorded when a bill is raised or the actual amount is received. Maintain a single standard throughout

Restaurant Accounting

Keep your invoices organized

Invoices play an important role in determining your tax liability. Keeping them organized and chronologically minimizes the changes of computation errors.

Keep your tax records handy

Tax invoices and receipts of the last 5 years are required to be preserved. In case the HMRC wants to verify data, they will ask for previous receipts.

Know Accounting Status of Restaurant

Know Accounting Status of Your Restaurant

Ensure your restaurant’s financial health with our expert accounting services. We not only regularly track your expenses but also optimize your cash flow. With our specialization in restaurant accounting tailored to the UK market, we make sure you remain compliant with tax regulations and gain insights to drive profitability. Partner with us for peace of mind and financial success.