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Accounting Services 
For Deliveroo & Delivery Drivers

CoreAdviz knows that Deliveroo and delivery drivers are essentially self-employed contractors. This means that they are solely responsible for their expenses and taxes. With our years of experience working for self-employed contractors, we fully understand your industry and closely work with HMRC to help you to meet your accounting needs. Till now, we have successfully filed thousands of self-assessment forms.

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Expert Tax Assistance 
for Deliveroo & Delivery Drivers

Working as a driver with Deliveroo or other online food delivery companies can be extremely hectic due to the continual pickups and deliveries that you need to make. Throughout the time, you remain conscious of your star rating and this cause much stress, but it is also important to manage your finances to avoid encountering any unpleasant experiences and our experienced accountants can offer you expert tax assistance!

Tax Tips
Accounting for Deliveroo & Delivery Drivers

Whether it is your registration with HMRC for self-assessment, tax return, bookkeeping, or anything else, our experienced accountants work round the clock to ensure you can drive without any stress!

Many delivery companies offer self-employment roles where delivery drivers often operate under self-employment terms.

In the United Kingdom, the hourly pay of an average Deliveroo driver is approximately between £10.00 to £14.00, which is well above the national average.

Yes, if the annual income is more than £1,000 as self-employed, they had to register with HMRC and complete a tax return to pay their tax due.

Yes, Deliveroo drivers can use bicycles, scooters, cars or electric vehicles at their convenience.

It is possible to deduct work-related expenses like bike maintenance, mileage and travel, parking charges, mobile phone, and more.

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Accounting for eCommerce package starts at £45 per month 

Our Support

We are a renowned accounting agency for Deliveroo and Delivery drivers and offer quality assistance and accounting services in compliance with the evolving rules and regulations. Our support services include the following ones:


We firmly believe that being a delivery driver, you have no time to understand the complexity involved in registration with HMRC, filing a tax return, keeping a record of documents, and more! We help you manage your taxes like no one else.

Get Proactive Advice


Well, it is not easy to keep track of your income and expenses to make an accurate estimate of tax payments. So, we offer digital bookkeeping to store your financial data digitally and reduce your manual effort.


We understand that navigating through your expenses and the task of doing all the paperwork is a headache. However, this is necessary so that you can be able to claim expenses. So, hire us and let us do the boring stuff of tax planning for you.

Calculate Tax Liability
CLAIM tax-deductible expenses

CLAIM tax-deductible expenses

We understand that you need valuable assistance with claiming your tax-deductible expenses to avoid overpaying taxes. Remember, you can claim various vehicle expenses, such as fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, vehicle insurance and equipment-related expenses.