Top 5 Ways to Cut Your Mortgage Payments

5 Ways To Cut Your Mortgage Payments

With high mortgage rates in recent years, no one can forecast when the rates will become affordable. So, if you are someone who is living in the United Kingdom and struggling to pay the mortgage payments, it is high time to review the entire mortgage scenario and take action. So, here are some top 5 ways that you can put to use. Some of these are quite straightforward and cost-effective too.

Try to find cheaper deals

Research the market and see if there is someone who can offer you a better deal. You can do this by comparing the quotes of multiple vendors. In this way, by switching to a better deal with a lower interest, it is possible to save thousands of pounds in interest and cut your mortgage payments significantly.  Here, it is important to remember that it is better to ask the lender before making a decision about whether there will be a fee for setting up the new mortgage or not. Also, be ready to pay a redemption fee to your current lender before switching to the new deal.

Pay bi-weekly payments

Instead of once a month, try to pay bi-weekly payments i.e. pay every two weeks. For example, if your monthly mortgage payment is 3000£, pay 1500£ on the first day of the month and the remaining 1500£ on the 15th of that month. In this way, you will be able to save the interest accrued on the days that you are paying earlier. Thus, over the years,   you will be able to reduce your mortgage payments.

Pay off your other high debts

Suppose you have some other debts like a car loan that have an interest higher than your mortgage payments, try to pay it first as early as possible. Meanwhile, ensure that you are paying the minimum monthly payments. This method is known as the avalanche method.  Once that debt is cleared, use the payment of that car loan to make extra payments towards your mortgage.

Look for a way to increase your income

Instead of downsizing as many would suggest, you can look for a way so that your monthly income can increase and lead to overpaying your mortgage. To increase your income, you can either think about switching your job as then you can easily get some salary hike in your new company or think about renting out a room in your house. If you are good enough at graphic designing, content writing or coding, you can also work as a freelancer in your spare time to boost your income.

Reduce the Mortgage Term

Another effective way to cut your mortgage payments is to reduce the mortgage term. This works wonderfully if you can pay higher monthly payments as this will lower the interest that you need to pay eventually.

Lastly, seek advice from an expert because then you can get personalized strategies to cut your mortgage payments based on your financial goals. It is important to understand the implications of any of the options offered by your expert before making a decision.