Top 5 Accounting Trends to Know in 2021

Top 5 Accounting Trends

Accounting in 2021 is going to be a game-changer. Ever since the Covid pandemic disrupted routine trade and commerce, the new normal has been mostly digital and data-focused. Given the current scenario, there are certain trends that is going to dominate not only 2021, but also the next few years. So, let’s look at the top 5 accounting trends that every taxpayer needs to aware of

1. Automation is the future

Accounting service was majorly dependent on manual processes previously. However, in the last 12 months we have seen a severe shift from manual to automation. With automation coming into the picture the scope of multiple entries, human errors and double counting has come down by almost 80%. Moreover, automation has made the whole process of accounting simpler, accurate and faster.

2. Reports are now cloud-based

Gone are the days where documentation work used to happen via thick registers. Modern day accounting solution has taken reporting to a new level with cloud-based storage system. Instead of sending printed sheets to clients, accountants would now be able to share readily available reports to their clients via a simple hyperlink. All that the client needs to do is access the portal and select the required reports for download. This has made the delivery process seamless and instant for accountants.

3. Accountants are also your advisors

The current year has been remarkable from the perspective of grants given by the UK Law. With covid in mind, the tax authorities have offered various relief and grants to people whose income is on the lower segment. Additionally, there are also provisions for availing benefits such as IR-35. Therefore, instead of going to your traditional advisors, it would be a better idea to treat your accountants as your advisors because they can guide you better on saving taxes and availing grants.

4. Work from Home to offer greater flexibility

The 9 to 5 mindset has been broken in the past year. Currently, accountants are working from home and it has allowed them with a flexibility to invest their most productive hours to their clients. On the other hand, use of paper and carbon emission has also diminished considerably. This means that your accountants would be able to give you time to your books even after the traditional working hours.

5. Tailored accounting solutions

With different form of employment modules coming into day-to-day business, each form needs to be handled differently. For example, accounting for independent IT contractors will have a different system of handling accounts than accounting for part-time employees. Current accounting practices are ensuring that each form of business is managed as per their respective domain.

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