Know All About Uniform Tax Rebate In The UK

Uniform Tax Rebate UK

With more people wearing casual attire, uniforms are disappearing in offices. You would not believe that Gen Z even chooses to leave their jobs if they are told to wear a work uniform. After all, they can’t compromise with comfort and self-expression. However, uniforms are still in practice in some industries. You may have seen that even some employees of supermarkets or delivery drivers wear a uniform. So, if you are one among these people, it is a possibility that as a UK taxpayer, you can claim the uniform tax rebate. Let’s read this blog and learn everything about this uniform tax rebate.

What is a Uniform Tax Rebate?

This tax rebate enables you to deduct a portion of all the expenses associated with keeping your work uniform clean, repairing it or replacing it with a new one (if needed).

Who Can Claim?

While you can’t claim this rebate if your employer offers you a free laundering service, those who wear a uniform unsuitable for everyday wear can claim. This includes professions such as:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Hospitality staff
  • Construction workers
  • Security guards
  • Cleaners
  • Many more

Remember, this tax rebate is not for those who wear PPE at their workplace. In such a case, it must be either provided free of cost by the organization or its cost of purchase will be reimbursed. Still, if you have any doubt regarding your eligibility, consult a skilled tax professional and act accordingly.

How Much Can You Claim?

If you have all the receipts related to cleaning, repairing or replacing your work uniform, you can claim the actual amount spent by you. Otherwise, ask for a flat rate expense. It’s essential not to overlook this potential rebate.

How to Claim Your Uniform Tax Rebate

This is very easy because there are several ways to claim your tax rebate. You can choose the one that seems most convenient to you. If you want to claim offline, download the P87 form. It is available on the HMRC website. Next, fill it out carefully and attach all your receipts with it before sending it to the HMRC by post. Your receipts must have the amount of expense and the date on which it has been done.

You can also claim this rebate online. Just submit your duly filled form to the HMRC via the Government Gateway. Once submitted, wait for up to 8 weeks as HMRC will take some time to review your claim carefully. If they find it correct, your tax code will be adjusted. They can also send you a tax refund. There is also a provision to claim this rebate over the phone and seek guidance to fill out the P87 form.

So, it does not matter whether you work as a nurse or a construction worker. You can always think about making the claim. Even if the amount seems small, do not hesitate to claim the rebate if you fulfill its eligibility criteria. There are UK accountants who can actively assist you in claiming your uniform tax rebate.