Know All About British Savings Bond

British Savings Bond

Whenever it comes to personal finance, a savings bond seems to be a reliable option. This is especially true for individuals having reservations about investing their hard-earned money in the stock market or private banks because of high-risk factors. The best thing about these bonds offered by the UK Government is that irrespective of your income, there is always an opportunity to save as there are myriads of financial instruments backed by the HM treasury. However, still, many people do not understand these bonds completely. So, let’s know all about British Savings Bond.

Types of British Savings Bonds

Originally started as the Post Office Savings Bank, the various types of British Savings bonds available are as follows:

Guaranteed Growth Bonds

If you want to invest £500 or more in a bond where you can enjoy a guaranteed interest rate, this one is the best for you! Remember, once invested you will not be able to access your money for three years, but the silver lining is that you can save up to £1 million in a secured way. Currently, the gross annual equivalent rate is 4.15%, which will remain unchanged until your bond reaches its maturity stage.

Guaranteed Income Bonds

Similar to the Guaranteed Growth Bonds, this also lets you invest an amount of £500 and save up to £1 million for a fixed term of three years, but here is the twist! Your interest can be paid out to you every month. Currently, the gross interest rate of the Guaranteed Income Bonds is 4.07%.

Remember, the UK government is committed to encouraging its citizens to go digital. In this respect, both of these British Savings Bonds can prove to be invaluable to save money securely if you want to invest online. Also, if you are uncomfortable investing online, you can always seek help from experts at National Savings and Investments (NS&I).

There is also a provision for cancellation of your investment in these bonds if you have a change of mind. Here, it should be noted that you can cancel your investment only if you decide to do so within 30 days of receiving the confirmation of your British Savings Bond. Your money will be refunded along with the interest earned (if any) within 14 days.

Launched on 3 April 2024 by NS&I, it will be too early to say whether people will lap up these bonds or not. This is more so when some of the existing bonds of NS&I are tax-free. Also, the cost of living is still pretty high in the United Kingdom. This leaves little room to invest your money for a fixed term of three years.