How to Resolve Cash Flow Problems

How to Resolve Cash Flow Problems

Do you know around 82% of UK businesses fail due to cash flow problems? Sometimes, even profitable businesses have to encounter the problem of cash flow. For small businesses, such a problem means non-payment of salaries to their employees. The reason for such a problem can be several that vary from one business to another business. Some of these reasons are low cash reserves, late payments on invoices, reduction in sales, overspending, rapid scaling, or even an inaccuracy in bookkeeping. So, if you too run a business in the UK, you must know the necessary steps to resolve your cash flow problems.

Create a survival plan

The first step to resolving your cash flow problem should be to review your profit and loss statements. Identify the areas where your expenses and income are high. This information will eventually help you to foresee an accurate cash flow projection. However, you must continually monitor the cash flow of your business without fail.

Reduce your expenses

Now that you know the areas where your business expenses are high, try to reduce them. Yes, it may not be an easy task but you can start with discontinuing all discretionary expenses like travel expenses, office improvement, perks for best performers, and so on. You can also explore the possibilities of finding a low-cost supplier for a few months.

Get paid faster

Although it may sound simple, getting your due payment on time is a tough job. Sometimes even sending invoices on time or earlier does not help. So, what you can do is request an upfront partial payment or bi-weekly payment. Also, review your payment terms and try to figure out any changes you can make to get paid faster. Think of using any trusted online invoicing software that can provide necessary tools for invoice generation, easy follow-up and so on.

Negotiate with suppliers

To reduce expenses, you can also negotiate with your suppliers. Persuade them to agree to flexible terms or payment options. This can encourage a positive cash flow to some extent. Also, ask for discounts (if any) in case of timely or early payments.

Increase profitability

Look for strategies by which you can make or increase your profits such as new product developments, offering discounts for your repeat customers, or reducing fixed overhead costs. You can even work towards increasing transport efficiency to increase your overall profitability. Try to give more payment options to your customers so that they can find it easy to pay for your products or services. You can also conduct a thorough market research to understand your competitors and identify the best price points for your target market.

Moreover, do tax filing on time to avoid hefty penalties and minimize your taxes by seeking the help of tax consultants. Sometimes, the cash flow problem is severe. So, in such a case, get a short-term loan as soon as possible. This will ensure that there will be no disruptions in your business operations because of shortage of funds. However, beware of those that come with higher interest rates. So, there are varied solutions, steps or strategies to resolve the cash flow problem.