Brand new responsive website for all devices

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  • 07/12/2017
  • admin

Grand launch of our new website


CoreAdviz Digital Finance Ltd has announced new website into public. This is now responsive to all platforms whether you are accessing from mobile, tablet and laptops.


Easy user interface makes it much interactive, however we are still improving day by day. There are lot to do and will be ongoing changes in recent upgrades. By the time holiday season is over, this will be much improved version.

Our new website is categorised it to section and sub-sections. Most of the structured topics are consolidated in to one-pager format. For example; if you are navigating accounting page, you can see a section page “How we help“. This section includes all relevant details summarised in a one-pager format and has been anchored for navigation for easy user interface. Further sub-sections have been created for Contractors, Small Business, Startups, Landlord and Pricing for more specific content.


Here are below sitemap:



New features:

All accounting sub-section pages (Contractors, IT Consultants, Sole Trader, Small Business and Landlord), you can see small pop-up blue button in left side floating on screen. This will navigate you to client cloud accounting and book-keeping page.


  • Live Chat


Whether you are new prospects or visitors, you can reach us on live chat enabled in footer left side icon to do instant chat if have any queries. It will ask your name and email contacts to enter first to start the conversation. During out off office hours, same chat will transform in text message format, can directly integrate to twitter or FB messenger of admin.


We are still updating our story under “about us” page and will be live in 2-3 days that will include more videos trailer and theatre format to tell our audiences about our company. As always, we appreciate all our visitors and customers to provide your valuable feedback to improve it better!


Wish you happy holidays!!